A limited number of berths are being made available to participate in an exciting multi-disciplinary research expedition on the RRS James Cook, scheduled for autumn this year.

The expedition is due to take place in the open ocean (water depths >1000m) south of Iceland as part of the BIO-Carbon NERC strategic programme. Its purpose is to investigate how marine life helps the ocean store carbon and how this may change in the future. It will be led by the IDAPro project with involvement of two other BIO-Carbon projects - CHALKY and PARTITRICS – and the Canadian Transforming Climate Action programme.

If you are interested in participating to carry out individual research that you feel would be complementary to the work being planned, please complete this short form to describe your suggested work and motivation:


The form must be submitted by 14 April.

No additional funding is available so you need to be able to cover all your own costs for participating. The cruise will depart from Reykjavik in Iceland and return to the UK.

As basic information on the cruise, it will be undertaking daily sampling with both stainless steel and titanium framed CTDs and will be running a trace metal clean system for underway sampling. Although the precise location will be affected by the positions of a series of ARGO floats due to be deployed on a cruise this spring (DY180), the broad area studied will be waters of >1000m depth, most likely south and west of 60N 24.5W.

If you would like more information on the BIO-Carbon programme, the component projects or the plans for the cruise you can register to attend the BIO-Carbon workshop (27-29 February) virtually by emailing Carla Sands (carla.sands@noc.ac.uk).

If you have any questions please contact Adrian Martin (adrian.martin@noc.ac.uk