The BIO-Carbon programme aims to highlight the importance of international waters to discussions on carbon policy. It will therefore focus research on processes that are globally relevant: 

  • within the open ocean water column that regulate carbon storage 
  • beyond the continental shelf break 
  • where the seafloor is typically at a depth greater than 1,000m. 

BIO-Carbon fieldwork projects will be focused in the North Atlantic.


Scope for ship-based fieldwork

The BIO-Carbon programme has £1 million allocated for fieldwork costs. Fieldwork must be carried out within the North Atlantic. This document sets out the broad limits of what is possible within these restrictions as well as the basic equipment allocated to the cruises.

Scope for ship based fieldwork doc (pdf)


BIO-Carbon NZOC science mission

The BIO-Carbon NZOC science mission opportunity has a separate budget of £1M for access to NERC's marine facilities to support proposals wishing to make use of shore-launched autonomous deployments, including those associated with purchase or hire of additional sensors not available in the National Marine Equipment Pool (NMEP)

BIO-Carbon NZOC science mission opportunity doc (pdf)

To provide more information to researchers interested in making use of the BIO-Carbon NZOC science mission as part of their proposals for the current funding opportunity, a webinar took place on Tuesday 31st January.

View the recording of the webinar 

Additionally, a list of FAQs arising both from the webinar and email has been compiled and will continue to be added to, so please check it regularly for updates.

Read the FAQs