A new early career group has been launched to connect ocean professionals interested in how marine life stores carbon. The group will officially be kicked off at the upcoming BIO-Carbon Annual Meeting taking place from 27th Feb- 29th Feb 2024.  

The BIO-Carbon Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Network comprises of ECOPs from across the BIO-Carbon project and beyond bringing together a variety of skillsets and backgrounds, all linked to understanding how marine life helps the ocean store vast amounts of carbon dioxide. Any ECOP interested in the role of biology in ocean carbon storage is welcome to sign up to the network. 

The network use the term ECOP from the UN Ocean Decade to include anyone who self-identifies as being early in their career in any role related to the ocean. If you are an ECOP working on the role ocean biology plays in storing carbon we welcome you to join our network.  

The network is being co-led by Cordelia Roberts (PARTITRICS) and Chelsey Baker (BRICS, PARTITRICS) for the 2024 term. The network lead(s) will rotate on an annual basis. 

ECOPs can sign up to the ECOP network and JISCMAIL by following the ECOP network button on the Early Career page on the BIO-Carbon website:  https://bio-carbon.ac.uk/early-career 

First ECOP event at annual BIO-Carbon workshop 

Cordelia and Chelsey are hosting the first BIO-Carbon ECOP event on the morning of 27th February (prior to the BIO-Carbon Annual Meeting -Feb 27th -29th  2024 ) in person (at NOC, Southampton), with virtual access available. The event will allow BIO-Carbon ECOPs to meet and network with each other and to decide the direction of the activities and opportunities to arise from the network. If you are interested in attending the ECOP event please email Chelsey and Cordelia by January 31st.  

There will also be some lightning talk slots available for ECOPs during the workshop. If you would like to present a short summary of your background and your role in BIO-Carbon please email Chelsey and Cordelia by January 31st. 

"We were keen to set up the group to promote cross-project collaboration and knowledge exchange as well as to provide a space for ECOPs to grow their networks, continue their professional development and for peer-to-peer support." - Cordelia and Chelsey, BIO-Carbon ECOP Network leads.